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Mugshot Madness: North Carolina Woman Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Faking Pregnancy

39-year-old Wendy George used a pregnant friend's urine to obtain a positive pregnancy test that she then used to receive Medicaid benefits from the Department of Social Services.

You Big Dummy! Houston Man Scammed Out of $80K by Online Lover in Growing “Romance Scam”

A Houston man is out of $80,000 after finding himself the victim of an online dating scam. "I feel stupid," Gregory Davis said, reflecting on his unfortunate experience.

Lil Boosie Concert Scam Tricks Promoters Out of $25K

If you are a club promoter and you've booked "Lil Boosie" for a concert over the last few weeks ... you might as well...

Gospel Singer Michael Winans Jr. Sentenced to Nearly 14 Years in Prison for $8M Financial Scam

The Winans family, one of the first families of Gospel Music, is probably ashamed by the recent media headlines. On Wednesday in Detroit, a...

Woman Arrested After She Faked Having Cancer in a Scam to Make Money

A Virginia woman was arrested on misdemeanor charges after police say she faked having cancer as part of a scam to raise money. Officials said...

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