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T-Pain Says He Went From $40 Million in His Bank Account to Having to Borrow Money for Burger King

If you ever need advice on what not to do if you ever find yourself with a large amount of money, just ask T-Pain, who recently admitted that he blew threw $40 million and was so broke at one point that he had to ask for money just to buy food from Burger King.

R. Kelly Says He Only Has $350K in His Bank Account: “People Have Been Stealing My Money”

R. Kelly has made millions of dollars from his career as a singer, songwriter and producer, but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at his bank account, which has dried up over the years.

Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom Says He’s “Officially Broke”

Just a few years ago, Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom was sitting on millions of dollars, but after a nearly three-year fight against being extradited...

Rihanna: I Almost Went Broke, Thanks To My “Stupid” Accountant!

Rihanna may be throwing it up, and watching it all fall out right now ... but at one point the Barbados singer was on...

Allen Iverson on Child Support Debt: I Ain’t Got It!

Allen Iverson made more than $140 million while playing in the NBA. Yet, he now says he doesn't have the means of paying the $1,272,000...

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