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Tom Brady, Greatest Quarterback in NFL History, Retiring at 44 After Winning 7 Super Bowl Titles

Tom Brady, who is considered the greatest quarterback in NFL history, has retired from football at the age of 44 after winning 7 super bowl titles over 22 seasons.

Did Lil Wayne Really Announce His Retirement From Rap on Twitter?

Lil Wayne may or may not have retired from the rap game via Twitter. The rapper caused some confusion on social media Saturday morning (Sep. 3)...

Is Justin Bieber Done with Music?!? Singer Says He’s “Retiring” After Next Album

Say it ain't so ... Justin Bieber claims to be retiring early! Yesterday morning, the pop star stopped by Power 106 in L.A. and hinted...

David Beckham Announces He’s Retiring from Soccer

He's never been considered the best soccer player in the world, but it's safe to say that David Beckham has most certainly become the...

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