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Minor Earthquake Shakes South Carolina and Georgia!

The Internet is abuzz with news that a "minor" earthquake struck South Carolina near the Georgia border late Friday night (Feb 14), and it...

Hurricane Sandy Death Toll Pushing Towards 40; Millions Without Power on United States East Coast

Despite being downgraded from a hurricane to a tropical storm late Monday (Oct 29), when Sandy hit ... she hit HARD, leaving a devastating...

Resort City of Branson, Missouri Badly Damaged Following Midwestern Tornado Flurry [PHOTOS]

A series of tornadoes rampaged through the Midwest Wednesday (Feb 29), badly damaging various parts Illinois, Kansas and the entertainment resort town of Branson,...

Oklahoma Earthquake Shakes Up Residents, Causes Major U.S. Highway to Buckle

A 5.6 magnitude earthquake shook up the state of Oklahoma and its surrounding areas Saturday night (Nov 5), striking in a town about 44...

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