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Lyft is Offering FREE Rides to Job Interviews & Up to First 3 Weeks of Employment

Lyft is doing its part to help impoverished communities with their new Jobs Access Program by offering free rides to and from job interviews.

#FortheDChallenge Creator GameOva Reedy Put Her 5-Year-Old in a Lyft by Himself & Was Arrested for Child Desertion

You may have heard of the viral #ForTheDChallenge but you might not know its creator. Well, she's now infamous for putting her baby boy in a Lyft ride all by himself because she was too lazy to ride with him to school.

Conan O’Brien Shares “Lyft” Car with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in Quest for Weed & Forties

What would happen if Ice Cube, Kevin Hart and Conan O'Brien shared a "Lyft" car? Pure hilarity, is what. Last Wednesday night on "Conan," the...

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