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Gilbert Arenas Says Lupita Nyong’o Is Only “Cute” With the Lights Off in Instagram Rant About Dark-Skinned Women

And he was appropriately dragged on Twitter. When are black men gonna learn not to come for black women?!

Was Soulja Boy Jumped & Robbed in the Hood While Instigating Chris Brown Beef During Instagram Live Broadcast?

Chris Brown might not have fought Soulja Boy (yet), but somebody put hands on the rapper.

Kenya Moore Strikes Back, Exposes All of Matt Jordan’s Violent Behavior on Instagram Using His Mugshots

Kenya took to Instagram to expose all of his violent behavior she witnessed during their relationship that was not captured by a camera crew.

Comedian Dane Cook Clowns Nick Cannon for Wearing Pink Turban, Cannon Claps Back

Nick Cannon has been wearing turbans for a minute now. While some may still see this fashion choice as odd, we’ve kinda just let it go. Well, not Dane Cook.

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