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Wigs Will Be Snatched! “Scandal” & “How to Get Away with Murder” Set to Crossover in 2-Hour Event

The shows’ stars, Kerry Washington and Viola Davis each dropped hints on social media with Rhimes later confirmed the speculation.

Cast of How to Get Away with Murder Reveal Their Reactions to Unexpected #UnderTheSheet Death

We’ve learned how the actor handled the decision to kill their character off, but how did the rest of the cast react?

Alfred Enoch Reveals How He Truly Feels About Being Killed Off How To Get Away With Murder

Though Wes is dead, the character will continue to appear on the hit show for now. The burning question for the season's 2nd half will be “Who killed Wes?”

How to Get Away With Murder Poll: Who Is Under the Sheet? Frank, Nate or Wes (or Someone Else)?

WHO IS UNDER THE SHEET?!? We're one week away from the mid-season finale of How to Get Away With Murder, which means that there are...

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