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EXCLUSIVE: R. Kelly Serenades Rumored Girlfriend Halle Calhoun at Her 22nd Birthday Party in Atlanta

Amid allegations that R. Kelly is running an abusive "sex cult" with a harem of women, the R&B singer was spotted at his rumored girlfriend Halle Calhoun's birthday party in Atlanta.

R. Kelly Accused of Keeping Several Young Women Hostage As Sex Slaves

Is R. Kelly the head of a sex cult? According to several parents, the R&B singer is brainwashing their young daughters and holding them hostage on his rental properties in Atlanta and Chicago.

R. Kelly and His Rumored 20-Year-Old Girlfriend Halle Calhoun Spotted Clubbing in Atlanta

Last week, we told you about the R. Kelly's rumored 20-year-old girlfriend Halle Calhoun. And over the weekend, the pair fueled rumors when they...

R. Kelly Rumored to Be Dating 20-Year-Old Model From South Carolina

R. Kelly may be up to his old tricks again. Rumors are flying that the R&B singer is dating a 19-year-old 20-year-old woman from South Carolina...

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