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Guy Has Drunk Sex With Girlfriend on Facebook Live and Tags Her Father

Now this is a sure way to make any father lose his shit. A revengeful boyfriend is making headlines and going viral after live-streaming himself...

Earl Valentine: Some Things to Know About Dad Who Bragged About Killing Son & Shooting Wife on Facebook Live

Earl Valentine, a North Carolina man who shot his ex-wife and killed his teenage son, is making headlines after he made a chilling confession about the brutal attack on social media before taking his own life.

Watch: Blac Chyna Proudly Says She’d Still Be a Stripper If She Wasn’t Famous

You can take the girl out the strip club, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to leave… or something like that. The point is:...

Black Man Shot Dead by Minnesota Cop During Traffic Stop, Girlfriend’s Facebook Live Video Shows Aftermath

A man is dead following an officer-involved shooting Wednesday night (Jul 6) in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, and the moments immediately following the shooting were...

Trick Daddy Threatens Woman, Spits at Camera in Facebook Live Video

Somebody please turn off Trick Daddy's WiFi. The Miami rapper became a trending topic on Twitter yesterday after an awkward video of him threatening an...

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