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WATCH: Bow Wow Tackily Boasts He “Had That Bitch First” in Reference to Ciara During Performance

It's been years since Bow Wow dated Ciara, but he's still using their one-time relationship for clout chasing in public and on social media.

DJ Khaled Completely Disses Jesse Williams During Impassioned BET Awards Speech

Rude and disrespectful! That goes out to you DJ Khaled. The producer tries so hard to be motivational and inspirational, but during Jesse Williams’ impassioned...

Adrien Broner Wants to Smack Tupac and Michael Jackson in Heaven

Adrien Broner is the most ignorant person to ever live, but we figured you already knew that. In a bizarre video that he posted to...

Watch: Drake Snatches the Mic from Diddy in the Middle of Club Performance

Drake is one bold cat! During NBA All-Star weekend, Drizzy was performing his single "Worst Behavior" at Metropolitan club in New Orleans when his mic...

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