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Mo’Nique Says Whoopi Goldberg Came For Her Man After ‘View’ Showdown, Told Her “The Real Problem Is Your Husband”

Mo’Nique says the tense on-air conversation with Whoopi Goldberg continued after the show and Whoopi tried to blame Mo's career missteps on her husbandger, Sidney Hicks.

Wale Confronts Twitter Troll at WWE Event, Shoving Match Ensues

People really, really, really (REALLY REALLY REALLY) hate Wale! At a WWE event Monday night (Mar 31) in D.C., the MayBach Music rapper got into...

Black Photographer Says Alec Baldwin Called Him “Coon,” “Crackhead” and “Drug Dealer”

Alec Bladwin has been known as an angry asshole of a person for some time now, but he can now add "accused racist" to...

Drake Confronts Tattoo Artist Who Called Him a “Goofnugget R&B Dude”

Remember the crazy Drake stan that got his name tattooed across her entire forehead? Well, in an interview after a photo of the tattoo...

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