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Jay Z “Changed His Name” (Again) to JAY-Z Because He Can, OK?

Shawn Corey Carter, better known by his rap name JAY-Z, has "changed his name" for the second time to coincide with the release of his next album.

Bow Wow No Longer Wants To Be Bow Wow: “Call Me Shad Moss”

Bow Wow is changing his name because he finally realized that being a grown man named "Bow Wow" just isn't going to cut it...

Jermaine Jackson Changed His Name to “Jermaine Jacksun” for No Apparent Reason

Jermaine Jackson's request to change his name to "Jermaine Jacksun" has been approved. In November, the former Jackson Five member filed a petition to change...

Snoop Dogg Reborn as Snoop Lion; Now Claims To Be A Jamaican Rastafarian (And Bob Marley Reincarnated)

Good-bye, Snoop Dogg. Hello, Snoop Lion! No, this isn't like Beyonce's alter ego, Sasha Fierce. Snoop Dogg is actually giving up his old gangsta rappin'...

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