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The Internet Wants to Know: Is This a Photo of Tom Hanks or Bill Murray?

Who is this man making a crying face? Tom Hanks or Bill Murray?? Bill Murray or Tom Hanks? Which one?!

Andrew “Beef” Johnston: Pro Golf’s T.J. Miller Doppelganger and Most Entertaining Player

If you found yourself watching the British Open over the weekend (and unless you were spending the weekend with your 60-year-old father who loves...

Rihanna Lookalike Gets Paid $20,000 from Companies to Endorse Stuff

In another blaring reminder that the world is a cruel and unfair place, allow us to introduce you to the 22-year-old Boston woman who...

Is This Woman Really Pretending To Be Oprah?

A young man was excited to send his mother a picture of himself posing with Oprah on a recent flight back home from a...

British Woman Who Spent $30K to Look Like Kim Kardashian Now in Serious Debt

There are good ways to spend $30,000, like paying off student loans, your car note or even just putting some away for a rainy...

A 33-Year-Old Man Spent $100,000 to Not Look Like Justin Bieber

People spend a lot of money on a lot of stupid things, but nothing tops what this grown man named Toby Sheldon did with...

Taylor Swift Has A Satan Worshipping Doppelganger

Taylor Swift has been called many things but immortal Satan worshiper hasn't been one of them ... until now! BuzzFeed dug up a set of...

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