Taylor Swift has been called many things but immortal Satan worshiper hasn’t been one of them … until now!

BuzzFeed dug up a set of lovely images from an old episode of the “Sally Jessy” show from the ’90s featuring a Satanist named Zeena LaVey, who is a dead ringer for the singing sensation we all know Taylor Swift

Some commenters on the site have noted that a Jennifer Lawrence look-a-like can also be seen in one of the images. (The lady in blue seen in the image above)

The hilarious comparisons between Swift and the Satanist are reminiscent of the old photographs that alleged Nicholas Cage and John Travolta are vampires.

I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to enjoy celebrity vampire/Satanist rumors more than those illuminati conspiracy theories.

If you want a good laugh, watch the interview below in which LaVey speaks about being baptized into the church of Satin while her breast is practically popping out of her dress. She also defines herself as a “Satanic Witch” and explains how to carry out a “destruction ritual” against someone who has wronged you.

She then has a few “oh no she didn’t” moments with a Christian woman who fiercely condemns her lifestyle.

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