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Jazze Pha Is Broker Than Ciara’s Music Career

In the music industry, producers and songwriters tend to be the ones that eat off of their success the longest. After all, royalties can make...

Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom Says He’s “Officially Broke”

Just a few years ago, Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom was sitting on millions of dollars, but after a nearly three-year fight against being extradited...

Is Ginuwine Divorcing Solé and Going Bankrupt?

Fans of Ginuwine were shocked to learn that the R&B singer was broke and on the verge of bankruptcy after putting a ton of...

Soulja Boy Is Desperate For Cash: Selling Verses, Tracks, Tweets and Followers For Dollars

A fool and his money will always part ways. It happened to MC Hammer and it happened to Mike Tyson. Is Soulja Boy's name...

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