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Amazon Best-Seller “Reasons To Vote For Democrats” Is a Complete Rip-Off of Another “Book”

"Why Trump Deserves Trust, Respect and Admiration" by David King did the exact same thing before having his idea stolen by Michael J. Knowles.

Toni Braxton Believed Son’s Autism Was God’s Punishment for Her Past Abortion

Toni Braxton opens up about a lot in her new memoir, aptly titled Unbreak My Heart, but it's her apparent belief that God gave...

Gucci Mane Penning Autobiography (and Planning 50-City Tour) While Behind Bars?

Gucci Mane will be behind bars until at least 2016, which means he will have a lot of time on his hands, which will...

Leah Remini is Writing a Tell All Book About Scientology

When a lot of people leave the mothership that is the Church of Scientology, they go underground with the hopes of escaping the cult...

George Zimmerman Juror B37 Drops Book Plans Amid Media Backlash

A member of the all-female jury for the George Zimmerman trial known to the world simply as "Juror B37" who recently announced plans to...

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