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Stevie J Gets Primary Custody of Daughter Bonnie Bella, No Longer Has to Pay Joseline Child Support

The custody battle over Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez's 2-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella is finally over ... at least for now.

Stevie J & Joseline Reportedly Hiding Bonnie Bella From Court Appointed Monitor

The monitor claims Joseline and Stevie have been giving her the runaround for several weeks and she hasn’t been able to check on Bonnie Bella’s welfare.

Stevie J & Joseline’s Mudslinging Results in Special Investigation in Bonnie Bella Custody Battle

After years of nasty accusations, a judge has decided to appoint a special investigator to determine which parent is the most fit to have full custody of Bonnie Bella.

#FreeBonnie: Stevie J Reunited with Daughter Bonnie Bella Days After Claiming Joseline Was Playing Keep Away

Stevie J’s “Free Bonnie Bella” t-shirts and hashtag must have paid off. The music producer was reunited with his 7-month old daughter and the two couldn’t be happier.

Stevie J Starts “Free Bonnie Bella” Social Media Campaign to Force Joseline to Let Him See His Daughter

#FreeBonnieBella: Stevie J claims Joseline Hernandez is keeping his daughter away from him and has created a t-shirt and a hashtag to get her back.

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