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Facially Challenged Singer Daniel Caesar’s New Album Only Sold 1,635 Copies After He Begged Black People to Cancel to Him

Turning against your own people can sometimes have adverse reactions to your success. Just ask Daniel Caesar, whose sophomore album flopped like a balled up, wet paper towel after he boldly asked Black people to "cancel" him earlier this year.

Tyga’s “The Gold Album” Only Sold 2,200 Copies Its First Week Out

Tyga isn't really bothered by his fourth studio album 'The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty' being a total flop. Yesterday, Complex reported on Tyga's album (executive produced...

Kendrick Lamar Tweets Disappointment Over L.A. Album Sales

Kendrick Lamar is pissed everyone in L.A. didn't buy his "To Pimp A Butterfly" album. Despite the album moving 324,000 units in it's first week,...

“Beyoncé” Tops Billboard 200 Chart for Third Week In A Row

Yoncé is killing the charts right now, y'all! You know that self-titled album Beyoncé just released out of nowhere last month? The one everyone, and I...

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