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John Witherspoon Confirms “The Boondocks” is Coming Back for Season 5!

The Boondocks fans rejoice ... because the best cartoon series of all time is coming back! Or at least that's what John Witherspoon is saying.

Watch “The Boondocks” Season 4 Trailer + Aaron McGruder “Explains” Why He Left the Show

The premiere of the upcoming fourth season of "The Boondocks" is two weeks away, and while that in itself is exciting, this particular season...

Boondocks Fans Need To Make Uncle Ruckus Movie A Reality

"Boondocks" creator Aaron McGruder is pitching a live action film titled "The Uncle Ruckus Movie," which will feature America's favorite racist Uncle Ruckus, and...

Damage Control: Tyler Perry Isn’t Suing Aaron McGruder and He Didn’t Fire His Staff Over That Boondocks Episode… But He’s Pretty Pissed at Turner Network!

We're still waiting on Tyler Perry to personally respond to all of the drama surrounding a Boondocks episode that aired a couple of weeks...

Did Tyler Perry Fire His Staff This Week After the Boondocks’ Episode Making Fun of Him Aired?

This is a hot mess! Rumor has it that filmmaker/playwright Tyler Perry may have fired his entire staff over a recent episode of Aaron McGruder's...

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