D.L. Hughley gave fans and the internet quite the scare after fainting on-stage during a recent comedy show in Nashville and is in need of many well-wishes.

While initially being treated for exhaustion and dehydration, the comedian and actor also tested positive for COVID-19 after doctors ran a number of tests following his collapse.

“I was what they call asymptomatic,” he revealed in a video he shared on social media on Saturday (Jun. 20).

“I didn’t have flu-like symptoms, I didn’t have shortness of breath, I didn’t have difficulty breathing, I didn’t have a cough, I didn’t have a low-grade fever. I still don’t have a fever. I didn’t have a loss of smell or taste, apparently I just lost consciousness.”

While Hughley did not exhibit any of the classic symptoms associated with COVID-19, the CDC does list fatigue as a symptom of the novel virus.

Hughley was dragged off-stage on Friday (Jun. 19) at a Nashville comedy club when he began to slur his words during his stand-up routine, and then passed out, falling off the stool he was sitting on.

He was placed on a stretcher and taken to Saint Thomas Hospital.

Leaked video footage of the scary moment went viral and fans were concerned for Hughley’s health.

Noting the lack of social distancing and masks, Black Twitter was quick to deem “the Rona” the culprit even before Hughley’s positive diagnosis.

Like many others, we wish Hughley a speedy recovery.

“Well thank you for your prayers and your well wishes and a few more of them wouldn’t hurt,” Hughley added in his video update.

“Hopefully I won’t develop symptoms. Maybe this is as bad as it gets.”

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