UPDATE: Daughter of Texas Pastor David E. Wilson Responds to Viral Sex Tape

Whew, chile! The pastor is out here using his tongue not to pray for people or preach the word of God, but to pleasure his side pieces.

Or at least that’s what these internet streets are saying.

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A video that (allegedly) shows Texas Pastor David E. Wilson of BibleWay Ministries & World Out Reach, Inc. (or at the very least someone who strongly resembles him) going down on a woman who doesn’t appear to be his wife has gone viral on social media.

We’re not sure if the video was edited or what, but the man goes on for damn near a full minute without taking even taking a breath, taking the phrase “speaking in tongues” to a whole new level.

At one point, the guy even briefly looks up to the camera, which means he knows he was being recorded. (Not a good look, Pastuh!)

The clip, accompanied by the caption “Pastor Wilson out here doing the lords work,” was originally shared on Twitter Monday afternoon (Oct. 16) and has since been re-posted all over the internet.

Of course, we’re NOT going to re-post the EXTREMELY NSFW footage here, but it’s out there if you’re willing to look for it.

Meanwhile, Twitter has been having a field day with the footage as #PastorWilson trends worldwide.

“The Pastor out here speaking in tongues,” one Twitter user joked.

“Pastor bout to have every woman coming to church next Sunday to see him,” joked another.

“Dam what church is this how do I become a member ASAP pastor knows what he’s doing tho amen,” a woman responded. “Like I’m so freakin serious if anybody knows this pastaaaaaaaaaa tell him look me up I need a healing ASAP”

For what it’s worth, we have no idea whether or not this is really Pastor David E. Wilson in the video, but after nearly two days, he has yet come out to say it’s not him, so take with that what you will.

Also, we don’t know if the woman in the video is the man’s wife or not, but if it is Pastor Wilson, we hope the First Lady ain’t out here playing with fire by filming herself getting her kitty licked on internet-capable devices.

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