While the internet is a big, amazing place, there’s something particularly fascinating about Twitter, which is essentially the internet’s watering hole.

As often happens there, lightning in a bottle was caught when Twitter user Conor Arpwel sparked a fiery debate with a simple poll that asked: Do you wash your legs when you take a shower?

The majority of the respondents (80% in fact) said they did wash their legs but a sizable minority (20%) said that they don’t.

The reasons for why the 20% opted not to wash their legs were mainly focused on some variation of “the soap from their upper body runs down their legs and cleans them.”

Which … is faulty logic, if we’re being kind. Black Twitter seized on this trending topic and quickly weighed in on how appalling and disgusting it was that so many people were comfortable not washing their legs when they shower.

And then, the conversation over the next few days veered from not washing legs to not washing your feet.

And that sent black Twitter even further into a spiral of dismay and discomfort.

Auntieana, who was tired of the whole thing, summarized things perfectly:

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