Tiffany Haddish has a complicated relationship with Black people.

On the one hand, she is lauded for her “keeping it real” shtick … but on the other, she’s criticized for making Black folks look bad with her allegedly “coonish” ways.

Case in point: When she arrived on the red carpet of the 2019 Met Gala in New York last Monday (May 6) dressed up like a pimp, she revealed that she came extra prepared by hiding fried chicken in her purse because, based on her previous experiences with the annual event, there’s “not enough food” inside.

“Last year I came and it was not enough food and I was hungry,” the 39-year-old said on the red carpet. “And when I’m hungry, my attitude [is] not good … I said I’m [going to] be prepared this year, so, I brought chicken.”

Tiffany even offered some of her home cooked fried chicken to some of the reporters:

Mainstream (i.e. white) media outlets ate that sh*t all the way up … but the majority of Black Twitter was like “Nah, sis, this ain’t it” and dragged Haddish for basically feeding into typical Black stereotypes and embarrassing her people in the process.

“Tiffany Haddish is an embarrassment,” on Twitterer shared. “Handing out fried chicken at the Met Gala, a stereotypical disgrace.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Tiffany Haddish does too much. You’ve made it sis. There’s no reason you gotta bring fried chicken for attention. Stop it.”

Of course, Tiffany Haddish isn’t one to sit back and watch herself being dragged all over social media without at least speaking up for herself.

So she personally responded to the backlash and defended her actions, saying that she was just participating in the Met Gala’s “camp” theme, and most of the people who had an issue with how she carried herself at the event simply wouldn’t understand anyway because they aren’t on her level.

“Let me just state a few facts,” she tweeted. “I am sure none of y’all ever been to the Met Gala. This was my 2nd time. I Love food. Designers spend big money for a table. There is very small portions of food. There are hungry models everywhere. I am full blown bitch when I am hungry.”

She added: “I like chicken … The fact that fried chicken is a black stereotype is bull to me. Do your research people. How many black chicken farmers in America? Also every culture has their own version of fried chicken. Is there any major corporation that sales fried chicken that is owned by black people?”

She continued: “This is what I think. Black people put stereotypes on themselves that they really should put on [others]. I ain’t never seen a white [person] embarrassed to eat anything because of their race. But black people act like they can’t be seen eating food they like. SMH

“Hey guys you ever think they might have made all that Propaganda back in the day about black people eaten fried chicken and watermelon. So that we feel guilty about eating it. Which makes you buy more and makes them richer? Y’all acting like I brought chitlins, real slave food

“I will stop being me and bringing what I like to eat or drink to functions, when I see white people embarrassed to eat in front of me. Until then This Human will eat what she like, because what you eat don’t make me sh*t! Carry on.”

In response to someone who said her bringing fried chicken to Met Gala set Black people back “two whole decades,” Tiffany said: “If me bringing chicken to a event [with a theme] about being over the top sets all black people back decades sh*t… I must have super powers…Smh…. What I eat don’t make you sh*t remember that. If you stop hating you might get out that barrel, Crab… You just mad you didn’t get to go…lol”

After going back and forth with her haters for two hours, Tiffany said she came to the “realization” as to why she brings food everywhere she goes.

“I bring my own food to everything,” she said. “When I go to the movies I got hamburgers or Chinese food in my bag. When I go to a bar there in candy in my bag. Plays I have fries.

She continued: “I think [since] I have been starved for years because of no money. As soon as I got some I just always make sure I got something to eat. I don’t know about y’all but I hate being hungry it makes me emotional. I call it skinny girl crazy.”

Tiffany concluded: “I think like what if I get trapped somewhere at least I can live off these candy bars, chips, and half a steak in my bag.”

Can’t argue with that logic!

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