Apparently, “Lady Luck” is a real woman and she lives in Virginia.

Last month, Deborah Brown purchased 20 “Pick 4” lottery tickets and played the numbers 1-0-3-1.

She said she felt something different about that day, so she bought another 10 tickets for the same game and played the same four numbers, ABC 7 NY reported.

“A couple of times during the day, I saw those numbers,” Brown said, according to NBC News.

It turns out, Brown did the right thing, because her numbers hit that day, and she won the top prize of $5,000 for EACH ticket, which is $150,000! (Ed. Note: Imagine if she had bought 100 tickets.)

“I nearly had a heart attack,” Brown said when she claimed her prize, which she said she’ll use to renovate her home.

In case you’re wondering what the odds are of winning a haul like that, Virginia Lottery officials say that it’s about 1 in 10,000 … which means you’re more likely to get struck by lightning (1 in 3,000) or end up dating a millionaire (1 in 216).

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