Y’all remember Rolling Ray from “MTV Catfish: Trolls” right?

Well, according to social media reports, the infamous social media sensation was hospitalized earlier this week after he was hit by a car while crossing the street.

Details are hella scarce, but the alleged incident apparently happened last weekend. A post from Rolling Ray’s Twitter account “confirmed” the incident on Saturday, September 8th.

The tweet includes a picture of him laying in a hospital bed with his motorized wheelchair nearby. “Pray for RollingRay guys,” the tweet says. “A car hit him while he was crossing the street.”

A couple of days later, Rolling Ray tweeted that people were hoping he died, but they were “big mad” that he’s still alive because “it wasn’t [his] time.”

He even posted receipts to prove to his haters that this was no publicity stunt.


And he claimed that Beyoncé and JAY-Z took time out of their busy schedules to lift his spirits by calling him at the hospital … a claim that most took as him trolling.



Ray also shared a photo of the SUV that almost took his life.

“[I’m supposed] to be dead bruh,” he tweeted. “I thank u GOD! Even though I’m only on bed rest for 2 weeks & on heavy medication that’s better than me being dead. I fought hard that night! And my wheelchair didn’t tip over. But the wheelchair is broken.”


Ray also made sure to mention that The Shade Room was adding to his social media clout:

Throughout the past week, Rolling Ray has been retweeting a combination of messages from Twitter users offering their support and making jokes about the situation:



Rolling Ray became an internet legend over the summer after an episode of “MTV Catfish: Trolls” episode aired, showing a dispute between him and another social media sensation named “Camyonce.”

Hello Beautiful summed up the legendary episode pretty well:

The clip shows two men–Camyonce and Rolling Ray–meeting up in a park with Charlamagne Tha God and his co-host Raymond were present for what turns into a show down between water and wheelchair.

According to MTV’s listing, Camyonce’s Nicki Minaj fan video went viral making him “the target of a relentless troll’s homophobic slurs.” Camyonce confronted his harasser but things went all the way left.

In another clip, Camyonce explains why he reacted the way he did, claiming Rolling Ray had jeopardized his checks by accusing him of having AIDs and taking to social media to make other defamatory comments. “Everybody seen it and when you play with my checks, you play with me.”

Watch the clips below:

Anywho… Rolling Ray says he’s been released from the hospital and is “sooo ready to get some sleep.”

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