Amid breaking news reports of Lil Peep’s death comes shocking video footage showing rapper immediately after overdosing on drugs.

Gossip On This has obtained video footage showing Lil Peep right before he died on his tour bus.

UPDATE: Lil Peep Took a Nap Before His Concert and Never Woke Up, Police Report Reveals


The video was recorded by Peep’s best friend Bexey, who seemingly was unaware that the rapper was dying from a drug overdose.

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“Apparently Peep’s in the back of the bus doing press-ups, sit-ups, working on his six pack, his muscles. I’m gonna see it for myself,” Bexey said jokingly to the camera before turning it around to show an obviously unconscious Peep with his mouth wide open.

The footage was initially shared on Bexey’s Instagram story before it was quickly deleted, likely after his friend died in his sleep.

“My brother just died in my arms, man,” Bexey said in a subsequent video posted on his Instagram page. “I’m done with this sh*t, man, forever. F**k this sh*t.”

Another (now-deleted) video posted on Lil Peep’s Instagram shows the rapper on his tour bus high on Xanax on Tuesday (Nov. 14) ahead of his concert in El Paso, Texas assuring fans that he would be OK to perform that night.

“El Paso, I took six Xanaxes, and I was lit,” he said with EXTREMELY slurred speech. “I’m good. I’m not sick. I’ma see y’all tonight.”

Lil Peep (real name: Gustav Åhr) was 21 years old.

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