Let me tell you story about Ayana the Diva of Atlanta. Ayana recently started a new job and instantly clicked with one of her co-workers. They have a similar personality, similar interests, and live in the same neighborhood. They even have similar tastes in men. Maybe a little too similar, in fact.

You see, last week, Ayana found out that she and her new work bestie were seeing the same dude after the co-worker started gushing of over her fine boo to Ayana and everybody else they work with. But what this lady didn’t know is that her “fine man” was Ayana’s boyfriend of three years and they lived together.

Instead of confronting her co-worker on-sight, Ayana played along and hatched a cunning plan to expose her cheating boyfriend. The epic tale has become the latest Twitter story to go viral and she can tell it better that I can, so sit back and be captivated by #SameBae.

In an interview with Complex, Ayana explains this isn’t the first time she’s had a boyfriend cheat on her, but she wanted to approach the situation with a different tactic this time around.

“Not the first time I’ve been cheated on. And I ALWAYS react first, and ask questions later. When you do that you usually don’t get the answers you need.

“I decided to just let her do all the talking. I wanted to get everything I needed then decide how I should proceed. This was honestly the best way for me. Sad I had to bring her in the middle of it though.”

Ayana explained her anger about learning this detail to BET News.

“I had my suspicions but this just took the cake. I will say he did not know we worked together. But the fact that she literally lived right down the street from me meant he had absolutely no respect for me even possibly finding out.”

Ayana says she is done with her now-ex-boyfriend. With the exception of a text telling him to collect his stuff she’s packed, they’re not on speaking terms. The 26-year-old revealed to Complex she refuses to be played like she has in the past.

“I mean guys have cheated on me in the past. But I’m older now. I’m a college graduate and a business owner. I feel like I have grown up so much since my past relationships. I have learned so much about myself and my limits. I chose me this time.”

She has even worked things out with her co-worker, even apologizing for involving her in the viral Twitter rant.

“My coworker is very sweet. She had no idea. I was never mad at her. She has seen the thread and I apologized for not letting her know before hand. I also apologized to her for having to relive the moment via social media. She seemed forgiving.”

It’s unfortunate Ayana’s heartbreak has become a viral story for out entertainment, but at least she’s taking it in stride and growing from the horrible situation.

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