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#SameBae: Woman Realizes Co-Worker Is Dating Her Boyfriend & Exposes the Cheater in Epic Viral Twitter Thread

Instead of confronting her co-worker on-sight, Ayana played along and hatched a cunning plan to expose her cheating boyfriend. The epic tale has become the latest Twitter story to go viral.

#StrandedBae Threads Fascinate Twitter, Story of Girl Stranded at Airport After Hooking Up With Guy Who Flew Her Out Goes Viral

A delightful tale of a rollercoaster Valentine's Day weekend that ended with missed calls, getting stranded at the airport, unanswered door knocks and social media mess.

Solange Calls Out White Women Trying to Kill Her Vibe & Explains Why Many Black Women Feel Unsafe in “White Spaces”

Since Solange stepped into her own, she has unapologetically owned her blackness and empowered women of color. The singer recently gave a powerful and much-needed word on Twitter about why black women feel unsafe in “white spaces.”

“She Doesn’t Have The Range”: Beyoncé Stan Goes In On All Your Faves

So listen, I’m not sure if you know, but I’m here to inform you that whoever you fave is, she doesn’t have the range. Don’t...

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