Last week, Twitter was captivated by #HurtBae, an emotional viral video by The Scene that found a woman confronting her cheating ex-boyfriend. A new hashtag has now surfaced, but it’s way more ratchet and entertaining (and confusing).

Sunday night (Feb. 19), Twitter became transfixed by #StrandedBae. It all started after Twitter user @_iamqueenk began sharing her story of being stranded at the airport by her boo, @KashMoneyKanee.

He apparently flew @_Iamqueenk out for a quick hook up, but after he hit it and quit it, he sent her packing and dropped her back off at the airport. Unfortunately, she missed the flight and @KashMoneyKanee ignored her calls, leaving her stranded. And it only got worse from there.

Here is their crazy story, which caused #StrandedBae to become the #1 trending topic worldwide.

@KashMoneyKanne shared his side of the story after @_iamqueenk put him on blast.

Even @_iamqueenk’s mama gets involved in this mess.

Following the their respective viral threads, the two have still been going at each other on Twitter. Here are a few of the noteworthy tweets.

The saga between @_iamqueenk and @KashMoneyKanne sparked #StrandedBae and caused others to share similar stories, including one by @teezybaby21 that got a lot of traction.

She has since deleted the thread, but her story consisted of some girl being stranded by BF and ended up staying a couple of days in @Teezybaby21’s dorm room. Only problem is the girl overstayed her welcome, had no money, and says she was jumped by a group of girls while @Teezybaby21 was out. The girl was also allegedly pregnant.

Here is a summary of what had happened.

Though it seems the threads have only left more questions that answers, Twitter was thoroughly entertained.

The timeline got hyped over the threads and if you feel like you missed out, please feel free to check out the mess for yourself. #StrandedBae is one story that will definitely have scratching your head and, yet, still wanting more.

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