Since Solange stepped into her own, she has unapologetically owned her blackness and empowered women of color. The singer recently gave a powerful and much-needed word on Twitter about why black women feel unsafe in “white spaces.”

The 30-year-old, along with her husband, 11-year-old-son and his friend attended a concert in New Orleans. Seeing the German electronic band, Kraftwerk, Solange says they were four of about 20 black people out of 1,500 concertgoers.

Solange was dancing and getting her life until older white women demanded her to “sit down now!” When she didn’t, they resorted to throwing something at her back. It turns out it was a lime.

However, this incident prompted Solange to share the experience on social media and explain why black women often feel unsafe and dismissed the notion that black women “bring the drama.”

She later gave an update after the white women began dancing as well. However, Solange continued to stress why it’s important to speak out when you find yourself in situations like this.

Now, you know you can’t speak truth about race, especially black women, without some white tears being shed. Several butt-hurt white people responded to Solange’s tweets. But don’t worry, she put them on blast too!

Thanks to that infamous elevator video, we know Solange is not the one to mess with. I’m glad she called these white women out for trying to tear a black woman down. Solange has become a powerful voice in uplifting the black community, specifically black women, and I hope she continues.

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