Once upon a time, Lifetime was pitched and positioned as a network geared to entertaining and/or inspiring women. To be fair, the Lifetime film division has always been a B-rate dumpster fire, but it used to tread exclusively in the arena of overwrought, cheesy films about domestic violence, marital infidelity or baby kidnapping.

These days, Lifetime has decided that it would be better positioned as a source of low-budget biopics that make VH1 and BET’s productions look like Hollywood blockbusters in comparison. They started this trash with the Whitney biopic, and most recently, they marred Aaliyah’s legacy with their shitty adaption of her career and life. So why not go after some of white people’s most beloved icons such as Britney Spears? Black folks deserve a break from Lifetime’s bullshit.

There’s plenty of things to tear apart about the film. We could start with the miscasting of the lead role with Australian actress Natasha Bassett as a mishapened, wispy looking Britney.


Or we could weep over the god-awfulness of the supposed post-breakup dance-off between Britney and Justin that was forced on us.

But the best thing to come from Britney Ever After was the unified, visceral reaction of “NOPE!” to the biopic from Twitter. Here’s a sampling of some of the choice words viewers had about BEA.







Did you suffer and survive the horror experience that was Britney Ever After? Let us know in the comments.

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