While the Internet is a source of infinite knowledge, it’s also a complete den of iniquity where trolls run rampant.

Amber Rose is no dainty rose when it comes to dealing with the ranting and raving masses on the web, but even she was shocked at the depths that strangers could sink to.

Amber recently posted an innocent photo on Instagram of her son, Sebastian, playing with her braided wig. She was expecting heart emojis in response, but instead, it resulted in comments and claims that this was evidence that her toddler son is gay.

Here’s the original photo of Amber rocking her braided wig that she posted on Instagram:


And here’s the pic of her adorable son having a ball trying it on:


It’s one thing to criticize a celebrity, but if you come for their spawn, you can and always should expect to get hell for it.

Amber Rose, or “Muva” as she likes to call herself, did NOT disappoint. That mama bear swooped down in the comments section of her Instagram and gutted those fish like a hawk.

Amber is a thousand percent right. Grown-ass black women going around calling baby boys gay for behaving like children are the reason why we can’t have nice things. Go back under your bridge, trolls!

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