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Future Fans & Twitter Trolls Attack Ciara After She Announces Her Pregnancy

Twitter trolls and Future fans attacked the singer after she announced she and Russell Wilson are expecting their first child together.

Leslie Jones Starts #Love4GabbyUSA Campaign for Gabby Douglas as Olympic Gymnast Faces Unwarranted Criticism

Gabby Douglas' second trip to the Olympics was not what she had hoped. She has been attacked on social media for the most ridiculous...

Amber Rose Claps Back at “Ignorant F**ks” Who Call Her Son Gay for Playing With a Wig

While the Internet is a source of infinite knowledge, it's also a complete den of iniquity where trolls run rampant. Amber Rose is no dainty...

Tia Mowry-Hardrict Slams Internet Trolls for Criticizing Her Son Cree’s Hairstyle

Social media is known to be a place where personal opinions are expressed about news and current events, the media, celebrities, etc. And while...

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