WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told CNN on Tuesday that “a lot more” material regarding the U.S. elections might be coming soon. This follows the recent release of almost 20,000 emails that has caused issues for the Democratic National Committee.

The email scandal has forced the head of the DNC to resign (only to be hired on by Clinton and her campaign), fractured an already tumultuous Democratic party, and raised allegations of Russian interference with American elections.

The release happened the day before the Democratic National Convention was set to take place in Philadelphia, and the ramifications have been felt throughout. The biggest issue the party now faces is trying to win over supporters of Bernie Sanders.

Many were already hesitant to jump ship and support Clinton, but after finding out the party was working to tarnish Sanders’ campaign behind the scenes, many are refusing to unite the party for the general election.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is enjoying the show, even saying he hopes Russia continues with the hacking and releasing of damning emails in an effort to take down Clinton.

The release of further emails should worry most politicians, however, as Assange has not said who or what specifically the next leak will incriminate. And if this recent batch is any indication, there’s some fishy stuff going on in D.C.

And while many (mostly politicians) see Assange and WikiLeaks as a detriment, going so far as to say he is a cyber terrorist and should be assassinated, I, for one, appreciate the transparency into seeing just how the people who run the country on the salaries of our tax dollars do their job.

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