Last night got real for Game and T.I.

Both rappers ended up in a huge stand-off with LAPD after a group of their friends got into a bloody brawl outside L.A.’s Supperclub.

According to TMZ, the whole stand-off occurred after Game and T.I. mistakenly thought LAPD beat their homies up and furiously stormed out of the nightclub.

What actually happened was:

A group of guys — who we’re told are “mutual acquaintances” of both Game and T.I. — were denied entrance at Supperclub. The guys began arguing furiously with security when one member of the posse threw a punch at a security guy.  You hear the punch at the beginning of the fight video.

Security for the club then descended on 2 members of the posse, beating them to a bloody pulp … at one point kicking one of them in the face while he was down.

LAPD cops were present during part of the fight … as were off-duty officers who were working at the club.

That’s when an angry T.I. and Game stormed out of the club …  mistakenly believing COPS beat their guys up.  They got into it big time with the LAPD and  that’s when the standoff begins.

You gotta watch the standoff … it is intense and on the edge of erupting into violence.

The 2 injured men were taken to LAPD’s Hollywood division but no one wanted to file charges so they left.

Peep the footage of the fight and stand-off below:

At least we know Game and T.I. will ride for their peeps …. Game looked like he wanted to knock the living hell out of somebody!