So what does former president George W. Bush like to do in his spare time? Well he’s taken up a new hobby — painting. And apparently, he likes to paint himself nude (in the bath, and in the shower) … but he also enjoys painting dogs!

Bonnie Flood, an art instructor from Georgia, says that she she worked with Bush privately at least six hours a day for about a month teaching him how to paint. “He started off painting dogs,” she told My Fox Atlanta. “I think he painted 50 dogs. He pulled out this canvas and started painting dogs, and I thought, ‘Oh my God, I don’t paint dogs!'”

The controversial former president first started gaining media attention for his new hobby last month after the death of his longtime family dog Barney, when the Bush family released a painting he made of the terrier.

And thanks to a hacker, more of his work was leaked to the Internet when they were found in Bush family e-mails.

One image was a painting of a naked Bush in the shower looking at himself in the mirror, and the other painting was a perspective view of Bush looking at himself, once again naked, in the bathtub.

But it was the memorial portrait he painted of his dog that has received the most attention.

But Bonnie Flood said that Bush — who signs his paintings “43” — has now moved on from dogs, and now paints landscapes. “He picked it up so quick. It just was amazing, really. His whole heart is in it.”

She added, “He has such a passion for painting. It’s amazing. He’s going to go down in the history books as a great artist.”

Is it just us, or is George W. Bush a better person overall when he’s not the President?

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