Lore’l, the aspiring female rapper who flits from clinging to one hoodrat to another among the cast members of “Love & Hip Hop,” is like the sad, lost puppy who runs from orphanage to orphanage looking for a home.


First, she was kickin’ it with that spitfire Erica Mena. She swore up and down that they could do a dope track together. Then Erica got in Lore’l’s face and threatened to knock her Keebler Elf head clean off.

Strike 1.

Next, Lore’l trotted off to revisit her former BFF Winter Ramos. Winter used to fetch bubble tea for Fabolous and keep Diddy’s toilet paper stocked or something. The two met up at some spot and Winter pumped up Lore’l’s head and had ol’ girl running to ditch her manager and gal pal Angela Yee.

So after Lore’l foolishly fell for Winter’s scheme, she was surprised when ol’ girl knifed her in the back by inviting her to a reading of her book (there’s a wasn’t single paperback in sight tho…) and laying all of her business out there in front of strangers. I mean, Winter was up there callin’ Lore’l all kinds of hos and wankstas, accusing the bitch of not writing her own rhymes, etc. Which is insane, because who the hell would want to ghostwrite for a damn nobody anyway?

Strike 2.

After she’s left licking her wounds from the fallout with Winter, Lore’l goes running to Yandy to ask this bitch to represent her. WTF? Is Lore’l THAT thirsty to maintain her guest role on this damn show? Why doesn’t she just call up Lumidee and open up a pupusa food truck and call it a day?

Cause this music industry thing doesn’t seem like it’s meant for her. While Yandy was sweet and noncommittal about working with Lore’l, it’s only a matter of time before Strike 3 hits.

Rashidah and Mendecees Sitting in a Tree?

See, I knew there was a reason Mendeecees’ name rhymed with feces. It’s because whenever he comes around on the TV screen, there’s some shit going down.

Yandy and her boo thang/babydaddy/homie-lover-friend Mendeecees are strolling through the neighborhood when they decide to stop by Winter’s place to say hi. Why anyone would want to hang around a shady bitch like Winter after that shit she pulled with her so-called friend Lore’l is beyond me.

But Yandy and Mendeecees walk in and chat up the trickster, who proceeds to tell the couple that she’s picking her outfit for Rashidah’s party. Before Winter can ever put on a pot of tea for her guests, Mendeecees starts spilling that good Lipton, talking about, “RASHIDAH?! RASHIDAH ALI? She used to be my f*ckbuddy.”

Welp. Isn’t that pleasant news to drop on your babymama on national TV?

Mendeecees then elaborates that not only did they used to fuck, but that she owes him money because he handed her a few stacks as a deposit on an apartment or something. It’s too damn early to get this messy.

Fast forward to Rashidah’s party for the launch of her shoe line. (LOL! Why do all of these reality TV bitches launch a clothing line or try to start a singing career?)

Winter “Big Mouth” Ramos is QUICK to runteldat with Rashidah the minute she walks in the door. She spills all of the beans on what Mendeecees said at her apartment the minute she eyes Rashidah.

Big Red, aka Fat Rihanna, is not pleased to hear that her name is rolling off of Mendeecees tongue. She looks so pissed off that her Tropical Punch Kool-Aid hair looks like it’s about to stand on end, Dragon Ball Z style.

Big Rah may look like a man, but she decides she’s going to act like a lady. After cooling off a bit from the news that Winter delivers, Rashidah decides she’ll confront Yandy when she arrives at the party.

Any other woman might’ve been cautious about strutting into a party for a woman who your baby daddy openly admits to having fucked. But not Yandy.

Unlike some of these other bitches, (*cough* Tahiry *cough*) Rashidah wastes no time in bringing up the issue with Yandy. Rashidah bluntly tells Yandy that she thinks Mendeecees is a clown.

Yandy, in her confessionals of course, points out that with her big red hair and gargantuan stature, she looks more like a clown than anyone else. BOOM! Good one, Yandy.

So they continue to go back and forth for a little while longer, but nothing gets resolved. Yandy’s love for Mendeecees is solid as a rock. If child molestation charges couldn’t shake her devotion, what’s a lil’ ol’ Rashidah?

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