Well, as the saying goes, like mother, like daughter.

Whitney Houston was known for falling in love with the wrong men really hard and doing stupid things in public in the name of love … and it appears that her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, has the same affliction.

After initially denying reports of her romance with her “adopted brother” Nick Gordon, Bobbi Kristina is now openly flaunting her relationship with Gordon all over Twitter in photos that show the two getting close and personal.

In between their freak sessions, Nick and Bobbi seem to have grown fond of running to the tattoo parlor to lace their bodies with as much ink as possible.

First, they went and got Whitney Houston’s initials tattooed on their wrists in homage to the late singer.

That’s kind of cute. And hey, it could’ve been worse and more hood ratish, so we should be proud of them for keeping it classy.

But that long music note tattoo on Bobbi K’s stomach and flank? Not the business. We have now ventured into Keyshia Cole territory.

Nick’s angry cougar tattoo looks like some generic shit that he lifted from a high school basketball team in Anywhere, USA. If he thinks that tattoo of a big cat is gonna intimidate the thugs on the streets, he’d better think again. That little kitty wouldn’t even startle Willow Smith.

The one bright side of all this is that so far, nobody has been foolish enough to get any Bobby Brown-related tattoos. Can you imagine Bobbi K getting the phrase “Humpin’ Around” tatted just above her vag?

Mama Whitney would be up there in heaven having a fit.

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