China is well known for pretty much exporting nearly everything it produces, but let’s hope one thing doesn’t make its way here to the States: the facekini.

Looking more like a popped, used latex balloon than any kind of fashion statement, the facekini is a ski mask-like covering that women in China are wearing to prevent their faces from getting tanned.

Yes, the Chinese have a light skin/dark skin complex just like black folks and Indian folks do.

The awful thing is that the sight of all these women on the beach in a group makes you feel like you’re either about to get jacked for your sunscreen, or brutally murdered.

There’s nothing pleasant or friendly about the facekini. It screams hostility and aggression.

Watch this video of the Chinese women donning their facekinis from Reuters:

Honestly, it’s surprising that this anti-woman product came out of China. This seems more like it’d be right up Saudi Arabia’s alley.

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