Brace yourselves folks…

There’s a new ‘reality show’ out there called “The Real Mistresses of Atlanta.”

Created by Mickey “Memphitz” Wright (yes, THAT Memphitz), the show, which we hear is being shopped around to TV networks, follows a group of women — and a gay guy — who basically serve as concubines to wealthy married men in Atlanta. (Classy!)

Instead of describing the show ourselves, we’ll let explain this buffoonery:

We’ll meet a stripper who has dated Drake and Sean Kingston, a “model” who is living off the money of an unnamed married NBA star, and a gay guy who claims to have bedded multiple actors and athletes.

Another mistress makes no apologies for her lifestyle, stating, “If I were ever approached by a wife, there’s no argument. There’s no fight. I would sympathize with her dearly, but if it’s anything you need from me, you need to know what I’m doing to have your man coming to me.” Fair enough…I really just don’t know what to say!

Of course, don’t let me forget about the one Caucasian mistress who makes some really disparaging words about black women…before getting injections to make her butt bigger. I’d hate to leave her out of the mix! Gahhh!!!!!!!

While it is unclear what TV network, if any, has picked up the series, an official trailer clocking in at just under 10 minutes hit the Internet this week.

Check it out below — but be warned, it’s pretty NSFW and full of ratchet activity!

What do you think about “The Real Mistresses of Atlanta?”

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