Following the influx of “zombie attacks” and other zombie-related news stories … a man from Seattle, Washington told police officers that a “bunch of leprechauns” beat him up at a bar.

According to news reports, Seattle police arrived at the scene of a bar fight earlier this month and saw a bloodied man holding his head and screaming in pain … and when police asked him what happened and who had attacked him, he told them:

“It was a bunch of leprechauns.”

The victim also told police that one of the “leprechauns” was wearing a white tank top, and he believed they attacked him because they were angry at him for dancing with a woman at the bar.

Oh … okay. So leprechauns are just going around, months after St. Patrick’s Day, we might add, and attacking guys … for dancing with women?

Probably not. A (sober) witness at the scene told police that a group of men beat the guy up, which is probably a lot more accurate than the victim’s claim that he was violently attacked by a group of leprechauns.

The man was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital, where he was treated for head injuries, as well as multiple bruises and cuts to his face, back, knuckles and elbows.

Police say they were unable to locate the leprechauns.


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