Okay, We’ve officially heard it all…

A London woman has spent the last 31 years of her life eating only cheese pizza!

According to the UK’s The Sun, 33 year-old Claire Simmons gets the shakes when she is presented with any other type of food, and she gags if she even puts it in her mouth.

Her rare condition is called “Selective Eating Disorder” … and could possibly lead to a heart attack or stroke in the future, doctors have warned.

“I keep myself healthy with exercise and drink a lot of water,” Claire said. “But my GP says I’m storing up many problems for the future due to a lack of vitamins and minerals. This could lead to a stroke or heart attack.”

Unlike many other people who refuse to eat healthy, Simmons is actually afraid of vegetables and fruits. “I’m actually scared of fruit and veg,” she admitted. “I get so angry when people think I’m being faddy — this is a real medical condition.”

This is too cray! We hope somebody can help her get this worked out because eating only cheese pizza just aint cuttin’ it.

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