Meghan McCain, the 27-year-old daughter of Mr. Senile himself aka John McCain, recently failed miserably after she attempted to use an almost big word on live TV.

Meghan recently scored a gig as a contributor on MSNBC, and during a recent television appearance, she did that thing where you stupidly accidentally say the wrong word in place of what you really mean. (For example: Some people tend to say “Napoleon Ice Cream” when they really mean “Neapolitan.”)

MSNBC contributor Meghan McCain appeared on Alex Wagner’s show “Now” on Monday, and used a bizarre word to describe what she believed was the President and Mrs. Obama’s right to privacy.

The panel was discussing “The Obamas,” a new book by The New York Times’ Jodi Kantor, which details the apparent friction between Mrs. Obama and members of the President’s cabinet, including former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

McCain seemed to be defending the Obamas right to privacy, and took issue with the fact that the book was published while the Obamas were still in the White House. “I have no problem with this type of thing being written if they were out of office,” McCain said. She then said not once, but twice, that the Obamas deserved “a small emoticon of privacy.”

Though she did say the word twice, it’s unclear if McCain meant to say “emoticon” to describe a small amount of privacy to which the Obamas are entitled.


We’re almost 100% positive she meant to say a “modicum” (small amount) instead of “emoticon,” but whatever. She gets points for at least staying on topic and referring to the right person/people. Unlike her old, decrepit father who doesn’t even know who he’s campaigning for in the upcoming election.

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