As a teenager, getting pulled over by the cops is pretty normal. But when you’re Justin Bieber, that normal factor is completely thrown out the window when the car you’re cruising around in looks like a frikkin’ Batmobile!

JB was driving around Los Angeles in his pimped out Batmobile Cadillac (which is basically a black-on-black Cadillac CTV-S, complete with suicide doors, super bright HID headlamps and his initials “JB” embossed on each side of the vehicle, along with the word “Batmobile” printed on the back of the trunk) when he was pulled over by the police after cutting off a California Highway Patrolman.

TMZ reports that the teen Pop sensation was cruising around the city in a 3-car motorcade, with Bieber up front in his Batmobile-themed Cadillac CTS-V, flanked by his friends in a Range Rover and a black Rolls Royce driven by Sean Kingston.

Law enforcement sources say JB cut off a California Highway Patrol officer and was pulled over, along with the other two cars, and thanks to his superstar status and super-fly custom whip, he and his entourage were simply given warnings and were sent on their way.

SMH … lifestyles of the rich and the famous. Must be nice!

Check out the pics of Justin Bieber’s dope ride below:

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