A man from Florida got really drunk one night and decided to get some tacos at Taco Bell.

And the story pretty much goes down-hill from there:

The incident occurred in the early morning of October 1 in Jensen Beach, according to the blog Off the Beat. Falkner, 30, had apparently decided to make a run for a fourth meal after downing some beers, and he somehow made it all the way to the fast-food joint in his Chevy pickup, placed his order, and received his taco before falling asleep.

The Taco Bell manager had to call police because Falkner was out cold at the pick-up window and holding up customers behind him. Clearly this was not a victimless crime, and our hearts go out to the hungry folks who had to wait so long for their late-night munchies.

A deputy awoke Falkner and then asked for his ID. Falkner said no before reaching into his bag and presenting the officer with a taco. Another deputy clarified they were asking for an ID, not a taco. Falkner chuckled and began eating the taco.

Then deputies noticed Falkner had fallen asleep with his foot on the accelerator while his truck was in park. The engine had caught fire, and fire extinguishers were used to put it out.

According to a breathalyzer test taken at the scene of the incident, Falkner’s blood alcohol content was between .225 and .227. (That’s nearly three times the legal limit!!!)

Falkner was, obviously, was arrested on a DUI charge. No word on whether or not he got to finish his tacos.

[MNT via OTB]

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