Michael Jackson‘s bodyguard Alberto Alvarez testified during day three of the King of Pop’s high profile manslaughter trial Wednesday (Sep 28), claiming that he, as the first member of the singer’s security team to arrive at the scene of his death, was told to hide Dr. Conrad Murray’s evidence.

In his testimony, Alvarez said when he first arrived on the scene on June 25th 2009, Murray instructed him to collect several vials of drugs and remove all of the medicine from Jackson’s nightstand and take it away in a bag before 911 was called. He claims Jackson’s eyes were open, and he appeared to be dead when he first arrived in the room.

Alvarez claims there were two saline bags on the IV stand, but Murray only cared about the one that contained a vial with a “milky white substance.”

Alvarez also said that he observed Murray performing one-handed chest compressions, in a failed attempt to perform CPR while Michael Jackson lay on his bed. (Sidenote: With Dr. Murray being the “medical professional” that he claimed to be, he should have known that CPR should ALWAYS be done on a hard surface, like a floor or a table … NOT a soft bed.)

After Alvarez hid the “evidence” as he was instructed, Murray, being the priority-driven medical professional that he is, then instructed him to call 911. (Listen below!)

[audio:http://gossiponthis.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/062609_michael_2.mp3|titles=Michael Jackson 911 Call]

The dispatcher on the line told Alvarez to move Michael from the bed to the floor in order to successfully perform CPR, and a few minutes later, paramedics were on the scene, and they took it from there.

Dr. Murray’s attorney Ed Chernoff tried to get Alvarez to admit that maybe he had been confused about the timing and order of the events, however, Alvarez was adamant about the fact that Murray instructed him to stash away the drugs, vials, etc. BEFORE he was instructed to call the paramedics.

Alvarez is the second member of Jackson’s security team to testify this week. His testimony will be challenged by Murray’s defense attorneys, who earlier this week questioned Jackson’s head of security and the singer’s personal assistant about why they initially held back certain details about the day Jackson died.

Authorities accuse Dr. Murray of giving Jackson a lethal dose of the powerful anesthetic Propofol in the bedroom, which they believe in turn, killed him.

If Murray is convicted of involuntary manslaughter, he could face four years in jail.

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