We’ve heard of bad parenting incidents … But this right here is just plain ridiculous!

An allegedly drunk mother who was driving with her 4-year-old daughter rolled her car and then fled the scene in North Hollywood on Wednesday, authorities said.

Authorities say the woman crashed into two parked cars on 5900 block of N. Whitnall Highway shortly after 2 a.m.

“The neighbors after hearing the traffic collision, which was very loud as you can imagine, came out and found the child, the 4 year old hanging in the car seat, ” said LAPD Det. William Bustos. “They released her to safety.”

Paramedics arriving on scene found the child inside the car but not in the car seat. She told them her mother had run away.

Police said the mother was found about a block away and arrested.

The girl was taken to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, where she is expected to be OK. She will be given to child services for the time being.

A nurse who recognized the girl from a previous incident informed police that the woman had a 3-month-old as well. Police returned to the accident scene but found no sign of another child.

Two children, a 3-month-old boy and a 1-year-old girl, were eventually found alone in an apartment in North Hollywood.

Police and children services are investigating before more charges are filed against the mother.

So let’s get this straight. Not only was this broad driving drunk with a 4-year-old daughter in the backseat, but she wrecked the car … and just FLED the scene with the little girl dangling from from her car-seat?!?!

Not to mention the part that said “A nurse who recognized the girl from a previous incident?” So does that mean this bad parenting thing isn’t her first offense???

They need to snatch BOTH of those children away from her and revoke her privileges to reproduce EVER again!


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