An 18 year-old man is now in critical condition after being shot multiples times close range Tuesday afternoon outside of a Brooklyn, New York City McDonald’s.

According to the NY Post:

Shocking video captured by an NYPD camera shows a brutal, carefully planned shooting near Brooklyn College.

It shows a man wearing a white T-shirt outside a McDonald’s on Nostrand Avenue near Flatbush Avenue at about 3 p.m. Tuesday. He removes a .32-caliber weapon from a bag and hands it to an accomplice in a red jacket just inside the restaurant — as victim Tyquan Sewall, 18, approaches the door.

The man in red then pops out of the doorway and fires at Sewell at close range, grazing him in the head, cops said. The shooter squeezes off another four rounds, hitting Sewall as he rolls into the street. The shooter and his accomplices flee back into McDonald’s and exit through a side door.

They ditch the gun in a trash can a few blocks away. Sewall, who has a history of five arrests, was struck in the stomach, left leg and groin. He was in critical condition at Kings County Hospital.

Watch the disturbing footage below:

WOW … Brooklyn is somethin’ serious!!!

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