43-year-old Tony Winskill of Kelvedon, Essex, UK must be thanking his lucky stars.

Winskill, who is disabled, was hit by a high speed commuter train train going 100mph when he drove his mobility scooter onto the level crossing. The only injuries he sustained were a few minor cuts and bruises after being thrown from his scooter.

“He was left with severe leg injuries when he was run over by a car in 2000 and that is what left him disabled. I can’t believe he has escaped without getting badly injured – but what worries me is that even minor injuries could be really serious for him. He has had a few near misses in the past driving round in his scooter, but this is the most serious one by far,” his 19 year old son Warren said.

The Daily Mail reports:

The alarm was raised after the train driver called his control room reporting that he had hit a man in a wheelchair at 100mph.

Police and paramedics raced to the crossing and discovered the man had been catapulted from his chair and was lying in the road.

At the time of impact the crossing barrier was believed to have been down and the injured man and his mobility scooter inside the safety fence.

A spokesman for the British Transport Police said it appeared that the mobility scooter had received only a glancing blow.

Investigators were waiting to speak to the injured man in order to establish what he was doing on the tracks.Officers do not believe the incident was suspicious.

Glad dude made it alive, but based on his track record … he just needs to find a place, and park it! (Literally, and figuratively)

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