Wanna know the best way to exploit the rich and dumb and make millions?

Buy a domain for $10 per year, a few servers (for maybe a couple hundred bucks a month) … then sell 750 “exclusive” e-mail addresses to 750 rich people with too much money to count for $7,500. (Plus a monthly $750 “service fee.”)

This website called Elite750.com is doing just that, and if they succeed at getting 750 people to sign up, they will make around $5.6 million in 1 year. Plus, they could make at least $9,000 per year, even if they only manage to retain 1 dumbass out of the original 750. (If they somehow keep all 750 of their insanely stupid elite members, then they could make over $6 million a year!)

The service is exclusive (there are only 750 @Elite750.com e-mail addresses total up for grabs), and the number of accounts per country of limited. For example, Switzerland, Germany, Argentina, Monaco and a few other countries are already completely sold out.

The official website reads:

Elite750 is the world’s first premium Email Address Club. We provide our Members with a unique and exclusive @elite750.com Email Address as well as a number of additional services. Elite750 Membership is limited to 750 Members worldwide and it is reserved to a global elite.

It’s like the “black card” of e-mail addresses. But why on earth would someone pay thousands of dollars for a simple e-mail address, when there are hundreds (if not thousands) of free services already out there? (Like Gmail or Yahoo, for example)

We’ll tell you why. Because rich people like exclusive shit that poor people can’t afford. Period.

Mad you didn’t think of an ingenious idea like this? So are we.

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